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    WRIN is a member of the National Council for the Research on Women, a network of institutions committed to improving the lives of women and girls.
  • 2010 Alumnae Biographies


    Back Row (Left to Right): Saba Tesfay, Tess Savage-Feemster, Camila Alvarez, Meghan Birch, Natalie Marshall, Vannesa Macias, Janae Johnson, Malyssa Essex, Zoe Anne Ouchi, Paulette Batayola, Donna Padilla
    Front Row (Left to Right): Rebecca “Becky” Ewing, Silvia Hernandez, Wendy Villa Ramirez, Alyssa Martin, Kristin Guthrie, Rebecca Ruiz, Elizabeth “Liz” Phillips, Brandy Nielsen, Nickol Shaffer

    Saba Tesfay is a student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she is working on a double major in Journalism and Political Science, and minoring in Solar and Renewable Energy. Saba is active in the Sierra Student Coalition on campus, while planning to host the next Environmental Youth Summit at UNLV. She is an employee of Vegas PBS and an herbalist in training.

    Tess Savage attended Truckee Meadows Community College before attending Arizona State University where she is completing her BA in Psychology. She hopes to work with teenagers in a counseling position. Tess is a mother of four children and calls herself a “survivor.”

    Camila Alvarez is a senior studying sociology and mathematics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is currently working on her honor thesis on Las Vegas residents’ quality of life, environmental attitudes, and the built environment. She is co-president of Pi Mu Epilson (the national mathematics honor society) and vice-president of Alpha Kappa Delta (the international sociology honor society). In the summer of 2010, she taught and mentored middle and high school minority students at Liftoff with Math 2010: Space Camp. She plans to graduate in spring 2012 and attend graduate school for sociology and statistics.

    Meghan Birch is a Linguistic Major at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She has a passion for community service and volunteer work, as well as elected leadership positions. Meghan is committed to helping others, especially those in third world countries.

    Natalie Marshall majors in Social Work and minors in Counseling at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Her goal is to provide assistance to children in abusive situations by serving either as a drug addiction and treatment counselor, and a social worker.

    Vannesa Macias is seeking a degree in Elementary Education and Counseling at Western Nevada College. Vannesa is a member of her Latino Student club, having served multiple executive positions, including President. She has been a tutor, a Jump Start instructor, and a classroom aide. Her passion is educating students with English as a second language. She has received the Bilingual (Spanish) Teacher Training Scholarship and the Senator Harry Reid Certificate of Commendation, and has been on the honor role for multiple terms.

    Janae Johnson is attending Great Basin College, where she is a senator in the Student Government, pursuing a BIAS in Social Sciences. She received a Pell Grant and the Western Shoshone scholarship. Janae is passionate about politics, hoping to one day run for the United States Senate or Congress. She is active in her Native American tribe, and provides recreational planning and tutoring to others.

    Malyssa Essex attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is still pursuing the correct major. Her goal is to remain committed to social justice and equality through altruism, solidarity, and education. She prides herself in her confidence and ability to speak up to advocate for others.

    Zoe Anne Ouchi is a student in Business Management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. When she’s not in school, Zoe Anne works part time for a surgeon’s office, and plays guitar. After graduation, she wishes to continue her studies towards obtaining a Master’s degree. In addition to school, she uses the positive influences she received from NEW Leadership NV within her everyday life. She is currently coordinating a community service project, which will raise awareness towards environmental appreciation. A second project will be organized, within the year, to continue to help towards improving the community. Dreams for the future include traveling the world to make a positive impact and starting a business.

    Paulette Batayola is the Student Body President at Great Basin College, where she majors in Science. Her role in student government has made her a consistent presence at Board of Regents meetings and at the Nevada Student Alliance. Paulette remains involved with student groups on campus, while also valuing her role in the state’s system of higher education.

    Donna Padilla attends Truckee Meadows Community College, where she is pursuing a degree in Paralegal Studies. Donna hopes to provide useful legal information to those who might be otherwise afraid to ask. She serves as a Senator for her student government, and ais a member of Sierra Nevada Association of Paralegals, as well as Phi Theta Kappa. Donna plans to obtain a B.A. in Pre-Law and continue her profession in the legal field.

    Rebecca Ewing is a biology major at Nevada State College, where she co-founded a Pre-health Professionals Club to coordinate volunteer events, book guest speakers, and provide pre-professional health majors useful resources. She has previously earned a nursing assistant certification from College of Southern Nevada, and she intends to apply for medical school programs in Osteopathic Medicine. Becky currently volunteers for Hospice.

    Silvia Hernandez is a Biology Pre-Professional student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She intends to apply for both an MBA, as well as Medical School and eventually become licensed in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her mission is to own and operate a clinic that serves minorities with limited resources.

    Wendy Ramirez is pursuing a degree in Journalism at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Wendy has volunteered and interned at the Lied Discovery Museum, and hopes to learn from an inter-disciplinary focus. With many interests and skills, Wendy’s plan is to eventually be an international broadcast journalist.

    Alyssa Martin is currently attending the College of Southern Nevada, majoring in Business. She plans to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Marketing at UNLV. Allie’s goals include graduating from UNLV, holding a high position in the hotel industry, and giving back to the community through various volunteer programs. When asked about her future goals, she said, “Many of the life plans are still up in the air, and I have been taking my life one day at a time, and just seeing where I really will end up.”

    Kristin Guthrie is an Honor student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she pursues dual degrees in English and History. Kristin is an avid learner, researcher, and artist. She has won awards in the areas of painting, and theater performance. Additionally, Kristin volunteers to beautify the Southern Nevada community, and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, and the president of Golden Key International Honors Society. Kristin will enroll in the College of Public Administration to complete an MBA degree, and would eventually like to pursue a doctorate degree.

    Rebecca Ruiz is a student in Secondary Education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She plans to teach high school English, and inspire future leaders to succeed. She enjoys working with children. She is pursuing an undergraduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of Massachusetts (Umass) Online, thanks in most part to NEWL. She is currently working with the Academic Success Center at UNLV, as part of the Learning Support Staff.

    Elizabeth Phillips is attending the University of Nevada Reno, and is majoring in Spanish. Elizabeth enjoys educating others about spinal cord injuries, and hopes to be a positive role model for others. She owns a clothing company, has worked for computer companies, and out-patient treatment programs for women. She currently works at TMCC for Web Services.

    Brandy Nielsen will be graduating from Great Basin College in May 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. She works part-time for Great Basin College Foundation and it is exciting as we are embarking on a major gifts campaign. I am also very active in the community sports programs for children. I help out with 7th and 8th grade girl’s track, basketball and track, and programs for 5 and year-old wrestling and tee ball.

    Nickol Shaffer is a student at the College of Southern Nevada, pursuing a degree in Paralegal Studies. Nickol was recently awarded the 2010 Harrah’s Key internship, which is a partnership with Harrah’s and NEW Leadership Nevada. Nickol has also worked at the Clark County Public Library, and is interested in family law.

  • Improving the Lives of Women through Research and Education

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