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    WRIN is a member of the National Council for the Research on Women, a network of institutions committed to improving the lives of women and girls.
  • 2007 Alumnae Biographies


    Front Row (Left to Right):Tiffany Spell, Adria Palmer, Anabel Garcia-Gomez, Ariadne Gonzalez, Judi Brown, Diana Rhodes (FIR), Alysia Peters, Tamara Silvernail-Johnston
    Second Row: Sandra Rodriguez (FIR), Windi Goodman, Evelyn Flores-Rangel (Program Assistant), Monique Sulls, Gracie Geremia
    Third Row: Crystal Jackson (Program Manager), Raquel Fulghum, Sara Bruene, Natalie Malekos, Jer Robertson-Strange
    Fourth Row: Trena Anderson, Hope Manzano, Abigail Lupena, Amber Overholser, Alisha Nielson, Amanda Haymond, Nicole Ramos
    Fifth Row: Cheryl Radeloff (FIR), Samantha Vernon, Patty Jones (FIR), Lindsey Burrows, Nancy Quintero-Orozco

    Trena Anderson
    University: Truckee Meadows Community College
    Major: Mental Health
    As the mother of three, Trena Anderson has high hopes for herself and her children. She currently attends TMCC as a student and hopes to work in the mental health field and with the disabled community. She volunteers at UNR’s Orvis School of Nursing, and is passionate about volunteering at voting polls every year. She hopes to continue her education as an example to her children, and to teach them that you only get out what you put into your journey in life.

    Judith L. Brown
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2008
    Major: Political Science / Women’s Studies
    Judi Brown graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Women’s Studies. Immediately after completing our summer institute, she was selected as the first NEW Leadership Intern at Harrah’s Entertainment in the Government Affairs department. Judi dedicates enormous amounts of time to building strong communities that promote feminist inclusion and women’s leadership through art and music. She currently works as an Account Coordinator with WorldDoc.

    Sara Bruene
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2007
    Major: German
    Minor: Sociology & Economics
    Sara Bruene graduated with a B.A. in German and is continuing her education in economics at UNLV. Sara volunteers as an instructor in CPR and First Aid with the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross organization and mission. Having traveled to over thirty countries, studied in Germany and Thailand, Sara is passionate in international relations in developing countries, economics, human rights, and current global issues. She plans to obtain a Masters Degree in International Relations.

    Lindsey Jo Burrows
    University: University of Nevada, Reno 2007
    Major: Political Science/ Women’s Studies
    At UNR, Lindsey was actively involved with Women Without Borders, a multi-cultural, queer-positive, third-wave feminist, student organization. Currently, she is a law student at Lewis and Clark law school in Portland, Oregon and would like to work in public interest law. She has been using her studies to volunteer with a GI Rights hotline through the Portland chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, and also for a renters’ rights hotline with the Portland Community Alliance of Tenants.

    Raquel Yvonne Fulghum
    University: University of Nevada, Reno
    Major: Criminal Justice
    Raquel Fulghum received her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from the Western Nevada College in the fall of 07. She is currently working on her B.A. in Criminal Justice in Northern Nevada keeping her options open and hope to find a career she truly enjoys. Raquel is kept busy working for her family’s auto body business and loves to support her family’s dreams and goals.

    Gracie Geremia
    University: University of Nevada, Reno
    Major: Secondary Education
    Gracie Geremia is currently an undergraduate student at UNR studying Secondary Education with a focus on Social Studies. She serves various community organizations including the Progressive Organizational Council, Kiwanis, Circle K, and New Voters Projects and is running for Senator of the Liberal Arts College at UNR. Gracie has received many honors and awards including Mercedes Benz Scholarship, Barbara G. Edwards Scholar, Augustus Society Scholar, and various other scholarships.

    Anabel Garcia Gomez
    University: College of Southern Nevada
    Major: Communications / Business
    Anabel Garcia Gomez is the vice-president of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) at the College of Southern Nevada chapter #1109. The mission of the league is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. She is a member of the Latino Student Alliance and is actively involved as a volunteer at CSN Student Government and as of 2006 has actively volunteered with the Nevada Democratic Party.

    Ariadne Gonzalez
    University: University of Nevada, Reno
    Major: Dentistry
    Minor: Nutritional Sciences
    Ariadne Gonzalez is currently a student at UNR studying Nutritional Sciences. Her parents, natives of Nicaragua, have instilled the importance of education since she was a child. She has definitely lived up to their expectations through her school work and volunteering. She has previously served in Student Body, peer mentor for Disability Support Services, and interned for Assemblywomen Kathy McClain at the Nevada State Legislature. Future goals include Dental School and ultimately a career Dentistry.

    Windi Goodman
    University: Truckee Meadows Community College
    Major: Nursing
    Windi Goodman graduated fromTMCC’s Nursing Program and currently works for the Lyon County School District as a RN. She is also continuing her education at UNR. She volunteers for the local and county 4-H program, AYSO, and Girl Scouts.

    Amanda Haymond
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Major: Social Work
    Amanda Haymond founded Forgotten Voice a non-profit organization that advocates for the homeless population in Las Vegas, though a written newspapers produced mainly by homeless people, formerly homeless people, and homeless advocates. Creating awareness of the social services available to the poor and homeless with the goal of empowering them and giving them a voice, she has established a great community presence. Most recently Amanda has travel the US and Europe, she currently lives in Gainesville, FL and volunteer working with homeless through AmeriCorps VISTA.

    Tamara Silvernail Johnston
    University: University of Nevada, Reno 2007
    Major: Geography
    Tamara Silvernail Johnston recently graduated from UNR with her B.A. in Geography. Her interests lie in geology, hydrology, American politics, Federal Indian Law, indigenous peoples and Western Water Policy. She interned for the Desert Research Institute and an environmental consulting firm. Tamara has been a member of UNR’s Native American Organization, and the Geography Department’s College of Science Representative. She has been awarded several scholarships. Future goals include work on Native American Water Rights and Usage.

    Abigail Pereja Lupena
    University: University of Nevada Reno
    Major: Dentistry
    Born in the Philippines, Abigail Lupena moved to Dayton, Nevada at the age of three. She has been a member of Phi Theta Kappa as the Vice President of Service, and has earned a spot on the Dean’s List. Abigail also served Student Government and the Filipino-American Association. She enjoys hikes through the Nevada country and taking photographs. Her future goals include attending Dental School and helping people keep a healthy smile.

    Natalie Malekos
    University: Truckee Meadows Community College
    Major: Architecture
    Natalie Malekos is a student at TMCC and is currently studying architecture. She serves as the Vice-President of TMCC’s chapter of The American Institute of Architecture Students and is the captain of their Freedom by Design Team, which works toward the development of homes for people with disabilities. Future goals include working with Habitat for Humanity and developing environmentally friendly building systems.

    Hope Manzano
    University: University of Nevada, Reno
    Major: Nutrition
    Hope Manzano is one of 16 children and credits this with helping make her who she is today. Her family resides in Baja California, Mexico, which has had great impact on her life. She graduated Western Nevada College in 2008 with Associates in Nutrition and Physical Therapy. She was President of her Student Body and a Phi Theta Kappa Honorary. Currently Hope attends U.N.R. in pursuit of obtaining a B.A. in Nutrition so she may pursue an advanced degree in Physical Therapy.

    Alisha Nielson
    University: University of Nevada, Reno
    Major: Psychology
    Alisha Nielson is currently an undergraduate student at UNR, dual majoring in Psychology and Women’s Studies. She currently serves at the Northern Nevada Alumnae Coordinator for NEW Leadership. She also works in a research lab at UNR working on women’s issues like violence against women, re-victimization and eating disorders. Her passion lies in early prevention of violence against women and future goals include obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology.

    Nancy Quintero-Orozco
    University: Truckee Meadows Community College
    Major: Social Work

    Nancy Quintero-Orozco wears many hats in life. She is the mother of two young girls, a member of the TMCC Advisory Council, works at TMCC as an administrative assistant IV, works at the Committee to Aid Abused Women, volunteer’s endless hours for various community projects, and attends TMCC as student. She is currently working on her Associate of Arts and hopes to transfer to UNR. Future goals include a M.A. in Social Work and a career with Child Protective Services

    Amber Overholser
    University: Central Michigan University
    Major: Integrative and Professional Studies
    Amber Overholser is a graduate of Great Basin College and is currently pursuing a master’s degree through Central Michigan University. In the past Amber served as an AmeriCorps VISTA* volunteer, after which she went east to serve in the Peace Corps as a health volunteer in the former soviet republic Uzbekistan. Amber invests many volunteer hours as the NEW Leadership Alumnae Coordinator for the Elko area.

    Adria Palmer
    University: Western Nevada College
    Major: Nutritional Sciences
    Adria Palmer currently attends Western Nevada College and is working toward her degree in Nutritional Sciences. She is passionate about the role nutrition plays in medicine and also has immense interest in mathematics. Adria is currently involved in Phi Theta Kappa, and also serves as peer mentor. She loves the outdoor activities like hiking. Adria also enjoys reading, plays and concerts, and being with family and friends. Future goals include attending graduate school and being involved in leadership

    Alysia Peters
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2007
    Major: Political Science 2007
    After completing her undergraduate degree, Alysia Peters obtained a Masters in Public Administration at UNLV in 2010. She interned at the 74th Nevada Legislative Session in Carson City for Senator Dina Titus. While there, she worked on several projects which include monitoring and tracking legislation through the legislative process for the Democratic Party along with tracking Senator Titus’s individual bills, while handling constituent issues. Today, she works in Carson City as the Senate Executive Assistant in the Secretary of the Senate’s Office.

    Nicole Ramos
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2007
    Major: Journalism and Media Studies/Sociology
    Nicole Ramos is currently employed with Harrah’s Entertainment as a Recruitment Coordinator and takes care of many duties in the Employment Center. As a local community activist, the Women’s Summit and the Vagina Monologues are activities she made an effort to be involved in. Nicole is especially interested in the need to empower women and build their self-esteem. Her goal is to be a positive role model and encourage other young, intelligent, strong, confident women to do the same.

    Tiffany Spell
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Major: Psychology
    Tiffany Spell envisions creating a program for all communities, that allows all young women to come into contact with strong female role models in order to make them aware of their self worth and opportunities they deserve in society. She believes women will never overcome oppression until they stop being at odds with one another. She is determined to help women over come the many issues they face. Tiffany’s future plans include joining a volunteer organization in Africa.

    Jer Roberson-Strange
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Major: Anthropology / Women’s Studies
    Jer Roberson-Strange is currently working with East Valley Family Services where her responsibilities include administration of the Senior Respite and their Support Services Program. Jer is working toward a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology. Her goal is to earn her Doctorate degree in Ethnology with an emphasis in Women’s Studies and Gerontology. Jer’s purpose is to teach in the academic community and to help other people, especially seniors and women.

    Monique Sulls
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Major: Human Services Counseling
    Minor: Addiction, Prevention, and Family Studies
    Monique Sulls worked as Program Assistant for NEW Leadership Nevada with The Women’s Research Institute of Nevada. Through volunteer work in her community, Monique has worked with abused children, substance abuse victims, and the homeless. Monique’s vision is to create a safe environment for children while helping improve family life. She is currently taking classes at both CSN and UNLV; working to complete her B.A. Monique is an honorary member of Phi Theta Kappa and was fortunate to receive the John and Jean Sherwin Endowment Scholarship.

    Samantha Vernon
    University: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Major: Political Science /Women’s Studies
    Samantha is a member of Nevada NOW. She is an active member of her community volunteering with the Rape Crisis Center; her involvement with S.A.F.E. (Sexual Assault Facts Education) has earned her a certificate to be a Peer Educator. Samantha has worked with homeless teen, implemented food programs for homeless youth organizations, participated as producer of Vagina Monologues, and her experiences studying abroad have influenced her academic and professional goals tremendously.

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