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    WRIN is a member of the National Council for the Research on Women, a network of institutions committed to improving the lives of women and girls.
  • NEW Leadership Nevada

    What is NEW Leadership?

    National Education for Women’s (NEW) Leadership is an award-winning program to educate and empower the next generation of women leaders. The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, developed the innovative program in 1991 and branched out to invite other universities into its Development Network.

    In 2001, the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada accepted CAWP’s invitation to join the NEW Leadership Development Network and in 2003, held its first program. The Women’s Research Institute of Nevada at UNLV was the first site in the southwestern and Rocky Mountain states to host this program.

    *Discover more about this program by visiting the Voices of NEW Leadership project to view our program through the lens of our supporters and graduates.

    NEW Leadership Nevada features an innovative curriculum designed to:

    • Teach students about the diversity of women’s historical and contemporary participation in politics and policy making;
    • Connect students with women leaders who make a difference in the public sphere, education, gaming, business, law, politics, banking, community activism, and more;
    • Help students explore the demands of justice based, effective, and ethical leadership in a diverse society;
    • Cultivate students’ leadership skills;
    • Enable students to practice leadership through action; and
    • Build a statewide network of peers and mentors.

    The centerpiece of the program is a 6-day summer institute that brings together 20 college students from across the state to learn about women’s leadership and civic participation from accomplished women leaders. Students meet formally and informally with these leaders through a series of panels, lectures, and interactive workshops and create lasting networks and mentoring relationships.

    Graduates are supported throughout their future endeavors by WRIN, our growing alumnae network, and our community partners.  Furthermore, they have the opportunity to participate in  special programs throughout the year as their schedules permit.

    While there is an emphasis on politics and civic engagement in the Nevada program, the emphasis on leadership has been extended to many fields of work.  Students from all academic disciplines benefit and build leadership skills that are applicable to their chosen field.  Program speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, including law, business, politics, education, community activism, non-profit organizations, banking, gaming, small business, medicine, real estate, and more.

    NEW Leadership Nevada is open to all undergraduate students attending a college or university in Nevada and to Nevada residents attending schools in other states.

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    Why I Should Be Interested?

    NEW Leadership is:

    • An award winning, nationally recognized, bi-partisan program for emerging women leaders
    • Your opportunity to meet incredible women from around the state who will mentor, coach, and teach you important skills for the future
    • A once in a lifetime chance to meet other women your age from across the state. Make new friends, learn new skills, and become the leader you know you can be!

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    I’m not interested in politics! Why should I apply?

    While some of us hate to think about politics, we are all part of the political process in one way or another. If you drive a car, worry about tuition increases or how to pay for a doctor visit when you’re sick, care about the environment, or volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen, then politics and government affect you!

    Every day, important decisions are made that have an impact on your life and your future. And those decisions don’t just happen in the halls of government. Politics is in your local community center, on your campus, in your neighborhood, within organizations you belong to, and lots of other places. Participating in politics means being part of the decision-making process and making your voice heard.

    If you watch television news magazines, read a newspaper, or talk to your friends, you’ve probably heard some awful things about politics. A lot of people think politics are too “dirty” to be involved in, or that they have to be wealthy or part of a prominent family to be involved. But like any field, there are good and bad people involved in politics — and many ways of gaining influence.

    If all we hear about are crooked politicians or meaningless in-fighting that does not seem to help anybody, then we start to think that is all that exists. At NEW Leadership Nevada, you will get a chance to meet all kinds of women involved in politics, women just like you who are making a difference. And, you will develop the skills you need to join them.

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    What’s in it for me?

    Participating in NEW Leadership Nevada will be:

    • A part of your professional development, a credential you can put on your resume. This award-winning program is nationally recognized.
    • A time to develop new skills, or work on ones you have already been exercising.
    • Time to apply those skills to do something about an issue or problem you’ve been concerned about on your campus or in your community.
    • Time to work and have fun with a small group of young women from across the state.
    • An opportunity to meet women leaders from a variety of fields and ask questions in an informal atmosphere.
    • A chance to find a mentor, internships, and future employment!

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    How do I apply?

    Online applications open in late fall or early winter and must be received by the due date specified to be considered for our Summer Institute. Mail-in applications will be made available by request. Students will be notified of their acceptance in May. Early application is recommended. All NEW Leadership Nevada students are required to stay at UNLV for the duration of the program. We recognize that this program conflicts with some summer classes and family responsibilities; however, you must be able to commit to attending all of the sessions during the week. Because each day includes a full day of sessions, you will not be able to attend a class during this week.

    WRIN is interested in students who have been involved in a wide range of activities that are not necessarily “political” in the traditional sense. Even if you don’t see yourself as a leader, it’s likely you already are one and don’t yet realize it! We have found that the students who seem to benefit most are those students who have either just recently become involved in leadership activities or those who are looking for a way to get involved. Students who have extensive leadership experience have also benefited from attending NEW Leadership, both by learning new skills and sharing their knowledge with other students.

    Apply Now

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    How much does it cost?

    Nothing! NEW Leadership Nevada only requires the investment of your time and commitment. Thanks to the generosity of our Community Partners, WRIN covers the costs of your meals, housing, and program materials. We want this experience to be available to every student who can benefit from it and we don’t want cost to be a factor.

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    Am I eligible?

    Any college student enrolled in a Nevada college or university is eligible to apply, including students who graduated at the end of the 2014 fall semester or in spring 2015. Nevada residents attending a school outside Nevada are also eligible to apply. You do not need to be a political science major or be involved in formal political roles (e.g., student government) to be considered. We encourage students with a variety of interests and backgrounds to apply because we believe that everyone who attends benefits in some way; academic and cultural diversity make NEW Leadership Nevada an even more enriching and impactful program.

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    What if I have more questions?

    If you’re still not convinced NEW Leadership Nevada is for you, or if you have other questions about the program or the application process, please contact the Program Coordinator at (702) 895-2902 or by email at

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  • NEW Leadership Nevada 2017 Keynote Dinner

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    Reception at 5:00pm
    Dinner and Program at 6:00pm

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