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Summer Session I, 2012

WRIN is excited to announce that in summer 2012 the NEW Leadership program was offered for credit during summer session I, with students having participated in the on-campus residential program from May 13-18.

Below: Summer Burke describes her experience as an instructor of History 495.

“Creating an Impactful Course: Hist 495″

Describe your most memorable experience(s) of NEW Leadership.

Summer Burke explains the creation and success of the Hist 495: “Women and Leadership” course in both spring and fall 2011.

History 495/695:001


Special Topics in Gender and History:

This course explores the diversity of approaches to women’s civic and democratic leadership as practiced by women over the twentieth-century in the United States. At the center of the course rests the question: why and how have women risen to become change makers and leaders?

In addressing that question, the class focuses on differences among leadership styles, arenas of leadership, diverse communities, and the skills needed whether pursuing social change or career advancement. While addressing the changes in women’s lives in the twentieth century, the course also introduces students to contemporary women leaders in their communities.

Students who complete this course will be able to:

• Demonstrate their knowledge of leadership models as related to women’s current and historic roles in U.S. history
• Acquire and apply leadership competencies on campus and in the community
• Demonstrate their knowledge of diversity, democratic citizenship, and civic engagement to address social challenges
• Identify, research, and interview women who are currently leading in the community.
• Practice public speaking and the presentation of one’s ideas in verbal form.
• Practice and improve writing skills in varied assignments including interview papers and papers grounded in theory and research.
• Determine a personal definition of leadership that incorporates frameworks, past experiences, personal narrative, and history.

Spring 2011

Shelley Berkley, interviewed by Linsey Scriven and Emylia Terry
Barbara Buckley, interviewed by Kristin Guthrie and Melissa Byrne
Ruby Duncan, interviewed by Dan Monroe and Sam Tofte
Carol Harter, interviewed by Cindy Bezard and Lisa Levine
Dr. Florence Jameson, interviewed by Irene Zepeda and Sue Phipps
Debra Nelson, interviewed by Patricia Menko and Laura O’Mahoney
Judge Nancy Oesterle, interviewed by Allyson Haskins and Ira Madnikoff
Karla Perez, interviewed by Priya Mathew and Janelle Witherspoon
Judge Abbi Silver, interviewed by Naomi Gregoryan and Alejandra Del Rio
Valerie Weber, interviewed by Toni Tafolla and Dawn Girard

Fall 2011

Felicia Campbell, PhD, interviewed by Amber Corral and Kirsten Hoerner
Barbara Grostick, interviewed by Andrea Lorenz and Marissa Sarandos
Liliam Hickey,interviewed by Sarah Perrenot and Dana McCarroll
Darcy Neighbors, interviewed by Monika Bertaki, Katy Chase, Natalie Shane, and Krystal Woolam
Anita Revilla, PhD, interviewed by Rebecca Learn and C.C. Cook
Doris Watson, PhD, interviewed by Monika Bertaki, Katy Chase, Natalie Shane, and Krystal Woolam

Some photos of students in HIST 495.


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