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    WRIN is a member of the National Council for the Research on Women, a network of institutions committed to improving the lives of women and girls.
  • A Century of Progress and Tradition

    Celebrating the Centennial of Woman Suffrage in Nevada, 1911-1914 — 2011-2014

    Across the United States, communities are recognizing the centennial of state laws which gave the right to vote to women. In Nevada, as in many western states, women received this cornerstone of citizenship years before the U.S. ratified the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1920). The state’s three-step process to change the constitution (approved twice by the biennial legislature and then approved by a statewide referendum) made the process one which lasted from 1911 through 1914.

    The Women’s Research Institute of Nevada is celebrating this centennial with a three-year program of educational activities focused on the theme “A Century of Progress and Tradition.” We will be using the WRIN website to educate visitors about Nevada women’s history. WRIN will also be hosting a range of events focused on the issues women have faced and will face moving into the 21st century.

    Please return to this page often as we will be updating this section of the website regularly with new “Did You Know?” facts about Nevada women, adding new primary history sources, and listing new events related to the centennial.

    Milestones in Nevada Women’s History

  • Centennial Information

  • Did You Know?

    Brief facts highlighting the history of Nevada's women over the last century.

    … that Florence Murphy became the first woman to hold a pilot’s license in the state of Nevada when she received her commercial pilot’s license in 1944?

    … that the city of Las Vegas passed an ordinance in 1958 banning women as casino dealers that was not repealed until 1970?

    … that the women of Las Vegas came together to create the Mesquite Club in 1911 as a social club committed to improving the young city and worked to pass suffrage?

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